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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jill Howell turns 35

It's crazy how many Jills I have met in my old age. I didn't know that many growing up but now there are everywhere.... My best friend is Jill and we have so much in common... she also has 4 kids, (4 girls), lives in our neighborhood, drives a black suburban and is married to a great guy! We are both very blessed.. not sure what that has to do with our name, I was just babbling! Anyway, she turned 35 last month and we had a blast going out. Her husband Brad surprised her with a limo and a night at Mark's... Cody and I were lucky enough to be asked to join the fun and to have the gay pride parade outside our balcony room to entertain us... the wine helped too :-) Thanks for the great night Jill, and for being the best friend ever! Not sure how I would survive this crazy life without you!